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Quiet. Quaint. Quirky.

Located three miles east of downtown, along the Detroit River, the Villages of Detroit are a unique collection of waterfront communities each with authentic personality and charm. This includes historic neighborhoods, high-rise condos, edgy lofts and apartments, and affordable rental properties and new construction homes.

It’s no surprise that with this diverse housing comes diverse people. Artists, students, doctors and lawyers all call the Villages home. And they work together to make it a great place to live. From monthly cocktail parties and progressive dinners to neighborhood clean-ups and community gardens, people here are close-knit and involved, ready to make a difference in their neighborhood, the city and the world.


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GREEN Task Force – Vision of Greenways for Detroit’s Lower East Side

The GREEN Task Force, a coalition of Detroit-based non-profit groups, presents to you a vision and a realistic plan for creating a network of greenways on Detroit’s greater riverfront east. Just as greenways serve many functions – from recreational venues to economic linkages between neighborhoods – this report also aims at many goals. This plan serves as a catalyst for:

  • Economic development
  • A tool for bringing communities together
  • A way of defining a new future for Detroit’s greater riverfront east

Based on more than a year of fact-finding and visioning, this outline for future greenways emerged from a well-founded process that listened to multiple stakeholders across a broad spectrum of Detroit; that is rooted in a systematic analysis of data, particularly the unique characteristics of the area; that has been benchmarked to successful national precedents for walkable urban communities; and that was developed with the assistance of a respected national design firm based in southeast Michigan.

We believe this report paints a picture of greenways that will belong not to the privileged few but to everyone in this great diverse city. To that end, our effort has provided not only a framework for understanding and moving forward with physical improvements, but a vision of hope. This hope lies in a framework to support sustainable neighborhoods: urban places that bring people together, that encourage healthy lifestyles, that are catalysts for community and economic development, and that foster environmental stewardship.

This is our vision. This is our hope. This is our act of faith in us and our city.

For more information and a complete download of this important report check out our Greenways page:




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